1. Pray for Pastor Dan & Julie and their family this week;
2. Pray for our church family through the church directory;
3. Pray for those who are grieving;
4. Pray for those who are ill; some are facing surgeries and other treatments;
5. Pray for those who are facing challenges and changes in their job situations. Ask God to lead them with confidence and peace;
6. Pray that as we go through the Appreciative Inquiry together, we would not be afraid to dream beyond what we have experienced in the past;
7. Pray for fearlessness as we ask God to use us where He wants us to be involved in His work;
8. Pray that we would be an encouragement to each other and those we connect with during the week;
9. Thank God for those who work diligently behind the scenes in different areas of our church;
10. Be praying for the 50+ kids attending Awana. Pray about how you might get involved;
11. Pray for our time together in Alpha & Omega, learning together from the book of James;
12. Pray for those in our provincial and federal governments, that wise decisions would be made. There are many Christian leaders who have wide influence.
13. Thank God that He has brought us as individuals and families together to be this local part of His family. Pray for new people to join us.
14, Pray for wisdom as we make decisions about our church building and lot.